Renhe Qibang (Hengqin) Joint Law Firm (RQJLF) was established in Hengqin New District of Zhuhai, the Yue-Hong Kong-Macau Cooperation Demonstration Area in January, 2015. In accordance of the spirit of the CPEA approved by the State Council of the Republic of China and 2014 Official Reply No. 2 approved by the Ministry of Justice, Hunan Renhe Law Firm and K.B. CHAU & CO., SOLICITORS & NOTARIES have jointly established the RQJLF. As the first batch of Joint Law Firms, between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, we devote our efforts to setting up cooperation platforms for Chinese lawyers and International lawyers, and mainly provide legal services for clients from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas.

RQJLF has currently 48 lawyers who are qualified to practice in mainland China, Hong Kong and abroad. There are 1 Notary Public, 2 Mediators of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, 1 Notary appointed by Ministry of Justice of China, 3 Civil Celebrants and 8 First-Grade Lawyer and Professor in RQJLF. Furthermore, there are 6 who have ever taken up social positions including CPPCC National Committee Member, Hong Kong Legislator, Representative of the Provincial People’s Congress and Provincial Government Counselor. Consisting of 8 professional business divisions, RQJLF provides high-quality legal services concerning legal counsel, international legal service, marriage and family business, corporate business, financial and insurance, construction and real estate business, intellectual property business and labor and personnel business.

Holding the service spirit of customer orientation, RQJLF breaks the relatively isolated condition among different legal systems, cooperate and connect with lawyers within and without the borders in order to provide one-stop and high-quality legal services for global clients and put in efforts for “One Belt, One Road” construction. We will continually explore the way for branding, large-scale, professional and international development, and make contributions to legal system construction.


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